The team at XRM didn’t just offer us a technological solution; they offered us a pathway to transformation. Through their expertise with Microsoft Dynamics and the Power Platform, they tailored an application that is revolutionising our compliance processes. Perhaps most notable has been the implementation of the four eyes principle and integrated screening processes, which have really strengthened our due diligence process. Their consultancy didn’t just implement a system; they transformed our operational framework. We can now provide faster, more transparent services, elevating our reputation as a compliance leader in the UAE.

Barry Cotter, Partner & Director, Clarity Consulting Solutions

Our Client

Our Dubai-based client, Clarity, was established in August 2020 to address the demand for high-quality compliance services. Founded by two experienced consultants seeking to depart from the conventional corporate compliance landscape, Clarity is dedicated to infusing passion and energy into an often-underestimated sector. The team firmly places the protection of their client’s interests at the forefront of their services.

The Challenge

Clarity faced the challenge of transitioning from manual compliance processes to a digital, streamlined approach. This shift necessitated a solution that not only minimised licensing costs but also adhered to stringent security standards. Additionally, Clarity required a solution that could be rapidly deployed to ensure minimal disruption to their operations during the transition.

Our Solution

Our solution involved the development of a custom compliance process integrated with the World Check API using the Power Platform. Leveraging our existing solutions as a foundation, we reimagined the Power Platform interface to ensure a seamless and intuitive user experience. This comprehensive approach not only optimised compliance processes but also enhanced efficiency and usability for Clarity.

Our Approach

Our approach to addressing Clarity’s compliance challenges was multifaceted and strategic. We embarked on a journey of technical innovation by integrating the World Check API with the Power Platform, allowing for seamless automation of compliance checks. This integration not only customised the solution to fit Clarity’s specific needs but also ensured scalability to accommodate future growth. Leveraging the API also resulted in cost savings by reducing licensing requirements, further optimising Clarity’s investment.

Recognising the critical importance of security and compliance, we implemented stringent security reviews and practices throughout the project. This approach ensured that the solution met the high standards required by government-affiliated organisations, providing Clarity with the assurance of data protection and regulatory compliance.

Our agile development process enabled us to swiftly deploy the solution, minimising disruption to Clarity’s operations during the transition to a digital compliance approach. Additionally, our establishment of a long-term relationship with Clarity, including a continuous improvement support contract, underscores our commitment to providing ongoing support and enhancements.

The Results

Our solution has led to notable improvements in our client’s records management. By automating compliance screening with World Check API, the solution has the potential to reduce screening requirements for both typical businesses and individuals. This streamlining not only optimises compliance processes but also facilitates the generation of meaningful management information (MI) for future analysis and enhancement of workflows and business processes.

The solution has surpassed Clarity’s expectations in terms of speed and efficiency of delivery. Its successful implementation has not only addressed immediate compliance needs but also laid the groundwork for ongoing process optimisation and business enhancement. Overall, the solution has demonstrated its capacity to significantly improve operations and deliver tangible benefits to Clarity, paving the way for continued success and growth.

This project’s success is also a testament to our broader initiative,, which showcases our expertise in developing tailored compliance solutions. From EID automation to screening automation and risk assessment automation, we demonstrate our capacity to rapidly address diverse compliance needs, providing clients like Clarity with effective and efficient solutions to their compliance challenges.

Our enhanced World Check solution now integrates AI-enhanced screening technology, reducing false positives and streamlining the compliance process by accurately distinguishing genuine risks from innocuous matches.

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