Guernsey Financial Services Commission were looking to upgrade through 4 versions of Microsoft Dynamics to allow them access to the latest features and ensure continued support from Microsoft for their licence management and invoicing system. As part of the project, two other portal solutions were also to be upgraded.

After successfully supporting the GFSC in the past, and being the original architect of the platform, Simon Jackson from XRM Architects was approached to help with the upgrade.

XRM Architects provided CRM Consultancy Services to the GFSC and worked in partnership with their own IT Team to deliver the upgrade of the CRM system.

Why Upgrade Rather Than Replace?

Upgrading of systems costs time and money and the value of upgrading is often questioned.

As maintenance and upgrade costs increase it’s common for organisations to ask whether they should continue to invest in a system or to replace it with something new.

Becuase of the level of customisations to the existing system over a number of years,  an upgrade rather than replacement was the right choice because:

  • It could be delivered at a much lower cost.
  • It would result in significantly less disruption to the organisation.
  • Existing in-house knowledge of the system could continue to be leveraged.

Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 Was The Right Choice

Microsoft is investing heavily in the Dynamics 365 platform which has been renamed from Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Dynamics 365 is a Rapid Application Development platform that allows developers and analysists to focus on configuring business-specific solutions rather than writing code.  This means more time focused on the solution and less on coding security, databases access, charts, auditing etc.  For today’s business solutions, it makes no sense to code bespoke systems from the ground up.  Dynamics 365 is a good solution and the investment into the platform is set to continue.

The Results

XRM Architects supported the GFSC’s IT team throughout the project resulting in a successful upgrade. The decision to upgrade to Dynamics 365 resulted in a substantial reduction in the amount of custom code required. Removing 2,000 lines of code means less ongoing maintenance requirements and, therefore, a reduction in total cost of ownership.

The GFSC is now able to continue enjoying the benefits of a robust platform with a reduced total cost of ownership, and the peace of mind that Microsoft will continue to release fixes and provide support for the system.

It’s great to be back at the GFSC, I originally architected this system some 10 years ago and it’s great to see the value it delivers to the regulator. We’re improving solution and adopting the new features into the solution, this is helping to reduce the custom code and, therefore, the total cost of ownership.

Simon Jackson

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