We were looking for more than just a simple upgrade and XRM enabled us to achieve exactly that. Their rapid implementation was pain free and the new CRM system has exceeded our expectations

Fiona Mackinnon, IT Assistant Manager

The Requirement

Hawksford provides corporate, private client and fund administration.

Financial services provider Hawksford provides corporate, private client, and fund administration. They were looking to install a new CRM software solution to meet future challenges. Hawksford selected Jersey-based specialists XRM Architects to carry out the implementation of the new system, Microsoft Dynamics CRM in order to meet the following business goals:

  • Rapid implementation with agile partnership-style approach
  • Ability to manage new business growth processes pipeline
  • A global CRM package with cleansed data which lays the foundation for future growth


Prior to installing Microsoft Dynamics, Hawksford was operating on a legacy system. However, rather than selecting an upgrade, they wanted to start from scratch with a whole new system which would mean cleansed data and cleansed customization.

The speed of installation by XRM Architects and ease of use of the new solution meant the business was soon on board with the updated CRM applications, seeing a tangible return on investment.


Our clients now have improved customer service. We can provide the data and information that they require whilst being able to offer them the new products and services that they’ve been asking for.

Matthew Wilkinson, Director of Global Operations

The Approach

The short timeline of implementation was incredibly beneficial to the business, ensuring that employees were up and running extremely quickly. The old legacy system had been very cumbersome and time consuming to use, something which the new application rectified.

XRM Architects worked with Hawksford to deliver a bespoke implementation, configuration and training, designing a format that is accessible to all employees.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

The new CRM system has made it possible to apply policies and procedures as well as measure the new business pipeline effectively.

Staff now have an up to date and accurate tool at their fingertips which they can use to communicate meaningfully with their intermediaries.

Initial feedback from Hawksford is extremely positive. The new system enables the business to implement and operate newly identified processes for growth.

CRM is not a standalone system, but needs to be integrated into a company’s culture in order to make a difference to how a business operates. XRM Architects helped us to achieve just that.

Matthew Wilkinson, Director of Global Operations

XRM Architects factored in Hawksford’s culture and their unique selling proposition to support the company and ensure the implemented system is tailored exactly to their needs. Future plans include website integration and mobile functionality. The company are also investing in a Power BI implementation to provide visual data analytics.

Return on investment is expected within 12 months.

XRM Architects gave us a Microsoft Dynamics solution that was configured to our exact requirements. We now have customised forms, reports, organisations, and processes for our referrals and sales process.. The biggest value of working with XRM Architects was that although we were under pressure for a rapid implementation of a solution for the new year, they helped us to meet our demands on our timeline.”

Matthew Wilkinson, Director of Global Operations

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