Software designed specifically for regulatory reporting.


Save Time

Never file updates or confirmation statements manually again.


Reduce Risk

Reduce the risk of human error through manual input or inconsistent data.


Report on Compliance

Constantly compare data in line of business systems against data held by the JFSC.

JFSC Filing API Software

Changes to JFSC registry filings present a challenge when existing software is only designed to help file annual returns.

There's a new annual confirmation statement, and there is a raft of new requirements for you to provide and maintain information on significant persons with the JFSC.

Is the data in all of your internal systems consistent?


Do you know what information you've filed for every entity?


Can you quickly validate that everything you've reported, for every entity is accurate?


How will you reduce the risk of human error?


How will you know that you've reported changes to significant persons in time?


Will all of your software providers deliver the new features required in time?

How it Works

With software and support from XRM, you'll know your whole team is doing the right thing, at the right time.

1. Implement the software

With our battle-tested software, and unlimited support from our team, we’ll work with you to implement the software quickly, and efficiently.


We will manage the software installation, configuration, and connection to the JFSC API.

Data transformation

We will help you transform data from your line of business systems to the required format.


We will provide training for your team on the new system.

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2. Check your data

Compare the data in your line of business systems to ensure there are no discrepancies. Then compare that with the data held by the JFSC. Review any differences, and automatically file any updates right within our software.

  • Add, Amend, Remove Associated Parties
  • Add, Amend, Remove a Nominated Person
  • Amend Share Capital Structure
  • Change of Registered Office

3. Manage processes throughout your organisation

Track and manage activities right across your business. Then file confirmation statements and registry updates digitally.

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4. Monitor compliance

Following your first round of filings you will have continuous access to a comparison of the data that you’ve submitted to the JFSC, with the data in your line of business systems. Where there are differences, appropriate workflows and tasks can be automatically triggered.

No Impact on Your Expense Budget

No requirement for expense budget. No extra cost to your business. Simply a charge per entity, often charged as a client disbursement.

We’ve done it before

We’ve been working with the JFSC APIs since 2017.

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