More customers = greater verification pressures

Having a global customer base is the ideal, but the verification requirements that come with it are far from ideal. Different data sources combined with different processes can make the whole verification process complex, timely and expensive.

Sounds familiar?

The great compliance challenge

We’ve been creating CRM sales and onboarding solutions for years, which goes hand-in-hand with compliance onboarding processes. During this time, we’ve also seen all of the various types of compliance processes, with some being more effective than others.

Using this insight, we implement a tried-and-tested solution all businesses can use….

Take the Trulioo route

To save you time, hassle and money, we use Trulioo, the global online identity verification service. Verify more than 5 billion people and 330 million businesses worldwide via these three channels:

Identity verification

ID document verification

Business verification

Verification peace of mind

Just one solution, that’s all it takes to take care of your verification needs. Speak to us today about using Trulioo alongside your existing processes for guaranteed verification compliance.

Trulioo in action

A document verification record with associated documents uploaded and information attached.

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Uploaded images and documents are attached to underlying document type records stored in Dynamics.

The results tab shows all data checks performed on uploaded documents, while the associated tool tips share further details on each check.

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An example identity verification record with updated information returned from Trulioo’s api. For each matching record returned from the Trulioo request, the country of origin is given its own tab that contains all of the details that have been found.

Identity verification showing all results on matching/non-matching instances from a data source.

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