XRM is a software development company based in Jersey. We help companies to improve their efficiency by designing, building, and implementing software that helps them get the right information in the right place at the right time.

Our local community plays an important part in our success and, over the past months as our team has continued to grow, we have spent some time thinking about our values and how we can best give back to our community. That’s why we’ve decided to donate 10% of our annual profits to local charities.

Our clients have suggested a number of charities that they would like to see us support and now we are putting it to a public vote to decide which 3 charities will receive a share of 10% of our profits between November 2018 and October 2019.

Voting closes Friday 2nd November.

The Charities that you can choose from include:

Autism Jersey

Autism Jersey is the largest charity in the Channel Islands dedicated to the support of people with autism and associated developmental conditions, their families and carers.  We provide services directly to autistic people in the form of an Adult Social Club and non-legal advocacy as well as to their parents, carers and siblings with our family support services.

We provide accredited training to professionals, families and autistic people alike and champion a full and inclusive life.  We do not receive any grants from the States of Jersey to run any of the Family Support Services and rely on the generosity of Islanders to help us raise funds, all of which stay local.

Brighter Futures

Brighter Futures is a charity that supports parents, carers, children and young people in Jersey and our aim is for every family to have a brighter future.

We work alongside the main carer and provide one-to-one key worker support, targeted programmes and services. Families access our support for a variety of reasons and from across the social spectrum. We provide a number of free programmes for personal development, educational and second chance learning programmes, group sessions and 1 to 1 emotional support, information, advice and practical help in order to help parents and carers with self-esteem, confidence and communication skills.

What our clients say about us:

  • ‘It has been just what me and my whole family needed’
  • ‘Brighter Futures has given me and my child a new lease of life, one with hope’
  • ‘We (me and my child) can go far in the future. We have a future and I didn’t used to think that’
  • ‘My key worker made me feel like someone cared about me, like I mattered’
  • ‘My keyworker’s help has given me the confidence to reach my potential and go beyond my comfort zone’
  • ‘Brighter Futures has helped me out so much and I am so grateful that me and my son came to Brighter Futures’
  • ‘I would feel lost if I didn’t have Brighter Futures in my life’

Caring Cooks of Jersey

Our mission is to empower children and young people in Jersey to grow, cook and eat healthy food in childhood and beyond, by educating, inspiring and supporting them and their families.

We do this through our programmes of support and education –

Weekly Meal Service – supporting families through hardship, for 6 weeks or longer, to allow them to eat well and eat together, at least once a week, without the worry of having to cook or spend money on ingredients.

Community Cooking and Can’t Cook Will Cook Programmes –  5-week cooking courses giving parents and young people, the confidence, skills and knowledge to prepare their own meals from scratch, so that they can establish healthy eating habits for themselves and their families.

Kitchen Garden Project and Let’s Get Cooking Programme –  a ‘plant to plate’ project providing primary school children with the essential tools and skills they need to grow food from seed and prepare nutritious meals from scratch – equipping them with some of life’s most valuable skills.

Every Child Our Future

Most of us take reading and writing for granted, but for many children in Jersey, acquiring these basic skills is a struggle. Some 20% of our children leave States’ primary schools unable to read to the required level and those children can quickly fall even further behind as their education goes on. They become disengaged from school and are more likely to have low self-esteem and poor attendance.

However, research shows that early intervention around the age of 7 can make a huge difference to these children. With a little extra support, they can catch up with their peers, and more importantly, stay there.

Every Child Our Future is a local charity which supports primary school children who are struggling with their reading. The charity provides schools with specialist Reading Recovery teachers, who read daily with those children who are most behind with their reading in an intensive 20-week programme. With more funding, we would be able to put more children through this programme, which can totally change the course of their education.

Every Child Our Future also recruits volunteers from all walks of life to go into local primary schools once a week to listen to children read on a one-to-one basis. We now have around 550 volunteers in 16 schools on the island, reading with around 900 children.

Friends of Jersey Oncology

Friends of Jersey Oncology (FOJO) is a local charity that helps to provide additional care, comfort and support for patients and their loved ones during their oncology treatment.The charity helps to ensure that all patients, their families and loved ones have access to the best possible information, tailored practical help and support on island throughout their cancer journey.

Funds raised provide additional care, comfort and practical support to those undergoing cancer treatments and their families.

Amongst the things we provide are:

  • Start of treatment comfort packs which include practical essentials and equipment to support patients during treatment.
  • Wig vouchers for chemotherapy patients experiencing hair loss.
  • Equipment to make intravenous drug administration safer and less stressful.
  • Valuable nursing resources and training to make more treatments available sooner.
  • Medical devices so that patients can monitor themselves from home and alert nursing staff of any changes to their health.
  • A ‘treat in treatment’ voucher for patients to enjoy.
  • Family breaks for patients to enable them to spend quality time together.
  • Childcare, pet sitting and / or cleaning for when patients are off island or need extra help during treatment.
  • Funded exercise classes to support an active life style during or at the end of treatment.

Your fundraising support will help us to continue to work hard to support local patients and their families at the time when extra help and care is needed the most.

The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Jersey

The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Jersey provides help, support and financial assistance to Jersey resident members living with multiple sclerosis (“MS”).  MS is a condition of the central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord) which controls the body’s actions and activities, such as movement and balance.

The symptoms can occur randomly and some of the common ones are problems with mobility and balance, pain, fatigue and muscle spasms. There is no cure for the condition, however there are many treatments, which aim to improve the symptoms and make them easier to live with.  Through generous donations and fundraising the Society pays for alternative therapies which help alleviate symptoms.

It also provides financial assistance towards extra care, special beds, mobility scooters and alterations to vehicles etc.  The Society is also a point of contact for any questions, for those who want additional support, or for those who are newly diagnosed.  Please visit our website, www.msjersey.org for further information.

Mind Jersey

Mind Jersey is a local mental health charity that campaigns to reduce stigma and increase understanding about mental health and mental illness. Our vision is of a society that promotes good mental health for all and treats people with experience of mental illness fairly, positively and with respect.

For further information please visit our website: www.mindjersey.org or check us out on Facebook.

Philip’s Footprints

Philip’s Footprints was founded after a devastating experience of stillbirth. 10 years later, we continue to support parents after the loss of a baby through memory boxes, peer support and remembrance opportunities and are currently fundraising for a second ‘CuddleCot’ to enable bereaved parents in the community to spend longer with their babies.

We also feel very strongly about investing in every pregnancy; in projects that make pregnancies safer – such as antenatal training, equipment and information for pregnant women – to reduce the number of stillbirths, premature births and complications at birth. We have grown each year and with your help we can do even more to support bereaved parents, parents to be and give the 950 babies born in Jersey each year the best start in life.


Zachery Walsh O'Brien

Written By: Zachery Walsh O'Brien

Zachery is a Web Developer with a great eye for front end web development. He has studied Graphic Design, received a Higher National Diploma in Visual Communications, and interned as a Graphic Designer upon leaving college in a digital design agency in Ireland. Zachery originally focused on WordPress web design but has now diversified his skillset towards a web development role being able to leverage many front end languages and frameworks.

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