The donation from XRM, a Jersey-based software development company, will enable Philip’s Footprints to provide everything needed to make the new Bereavement Suite at Jersey Maternity a peaceful, comfortable space where families can make treasured memories and begin to grieve the loss of their baby.

Each year, around 900 babies are born in Jersey. For most, it is a joyous occasion. But some families do not get to take their much wanted, and already much-loved, babies home. Instead they are left with a devastating and profound heartbreak.

The current Bereavement Suite is being relocated as part of a larger refurbishment and the charity has raised over £15,000 towards the new space.

Kenan Osborne, Chair of Philip’s Footprints said: “Philip’s Footprints were delighted to receive a donation of £6,100 and are very grateful to XRM for their generosity. With fundraising and donations being considerably lower this year, this was very much needed and has enabled us to surpass our £15,000 target to furnish the Maternity Bereavement Suite when it relocates within Maternity. The charity will ensure everything necessary is provided to make a peaceful comfortable space, allowing bereaved families to take as much time as they need.”

XRM Founder and Director, Simon Jackson, added: “We formed a relationship with Philip’s Footprints last year as part of a plan to give back to the local community. I’m really pleased to be able to make this donation to support their incredible work supporting families in the island through some of the most difficult circumstances.”

Simon Jackson

Written By: Simon Jackson

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