XRM welcomes talented trio to the team

We’ve continued to go from strength-to-strength in recent months, which has resulted in us adding to our existing team, which is made up of the best software development talent around.

Over the last six months, we’ve appointed three new starters – Isaac Hart, Fernando Perrone and, more recently, Wesley Nell.

New starter 1: Isaac Hart 

Isaac’s joined us as a Business Solution Consultant. He’s experienced at managing small teams and leading projects and appreciates the importance of thorough planning.

He excels at coding and software design, including C+, Python and R and is currently working towards achieving his Microsoft Dynamics and Power Platform Certifications.

New starter 2: Fernando Perrone

 Fernando joined at the same time as Isaac, and is also a Business Solution Consultant. He’s returned to Jersey after studying web design at Degree level in Argentina alongside JavaScript Coding.

A real team player and excellent communicator, he’s currently working towards achieving his Microsoft Dynamics and Power Platform Certifications.

New starter 3: Wesley Nell  

Wesley is our newest recruit. He’s a Senior .Net Developer, more specifically, an Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect, specialising in Dynamics Solutions.

Originally from South Africa, he’s relocated to Jersey to join our team and continue to build upon his experience of delivering Microsoft Dynamics and Power Platform solutions to financial services companies. Prior to joining us, he worked for several leading businesses in South Africa in a CRM team lead and analyst capacity.

We believe successful software projects are about more than just technology

It’s why we’ve appointed, and continue to appoint, industry-leading developers, who are 100% focused on providing our clients with software solutions that enable them to work more efficiently, effectively and maintain compliance.

You’ll find more details of who we are, over here. In the meantime, if you have any queries or would like to discuss your software requirements with us, send us a message, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Zachery Walsh O'Brien

Written By: Zachery Walsh O'Brien

Zachery is a Web Developer with a great eye for front end web development. He has studied Graphic Design, received a Higher National Diploma in Visual Communications, and interned as a Graphic Designer upon leaving college in a digital design agency in Ireland. Zachery originally focused on WordPress web design but has now diversified his skillset towards a web development role being able to leverage many front end languages and frameworks.

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