Automated reporting direct to regulators from your existing business systems.

Save Time, Reduce Errors, Improve Reporting, Reduce Costs Customisable For:


Automate FATCA reporting processes from data in your existing systems.



Automated CRS reporting based on data in your existing systems.



Automatically submit changes to ultimate beneficial owners based on data already in your systems.


Other Regulatory Filings

Automate almost any regulatory filing from change of address to special resolutions.


Automated, straight-through reporting based on the data in your existing system allows you to meet your reporting deadlines without human intervention.

  • Automate reporting to regulators based on the data in your existing line of business system
  • Centralised solution to see what has been reported and why it has been reported
  • Centralised logging to monitor client’s filings and identify any issues instantly
  • Audit trail of what has changed and when it changed, and how it was submitted
  • Prevent automated reporting from being sent in case of user error

“XRM Architects stepped in at very short notice, with little knowledge of the project, and took complete control of the situation. They worked tirelessly to extract and deliver the data to the regulators and went the extra mile to ensure that everything was completed in time.”

– Clive Le Marquand, Partner, PKF BBA

How it works

Save time, Reduce errors, Improve reporting, and Reduce costs

Visualise your reporting activity, instantly see the status of your data

All reporting tasks are managed in queues - you have full access to completed items for historical reference

See the status of submissions, when they will be submitted and your regulatory deadline

View the whole structure in one simple view

See changes and the data that will be submitted

View your whole submission history and schedule

Data is automatically validated after changes are detected in your LOB

All server requests and responses are audited - see exactly what data was sent and when


The tool is designed to integrate with almost any existing software that you use in your business.

Integrations can be configured for popular trust and fund administration software like NavOne and ViewPoint, or any system that uses SQL. Data can be retrieved from almost any other system on request.

Is your data behind an API or in the cloud? No problem, we have tools to help build an integration into your systems.


Configuration Process

The platform has been designed and built by our in-house software consultants and developers which gives us the flexibility to customise the system for your specific requirements.

With a combined 60 years’ experience delivering technology solutions for regulators, trust companies, fund managers, and banks in the offshore finance sector, there are few systems or challenges that we haven’t come across.

Once you have decided that you want to go ahead and automate your regulator reporting, we will provide a detailed integration plan that we can deliver on your behalf or in collaboration with your own team.

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