Our approach to AI Ethics and Security

Our approach to AI is rooted in ideals of fairness and transparency. It is essential that our clients can understand how an AI reaches a certain decision, as explaining the underlying logic allows users to more easily adjust to new systems and identify areas of improvement, as well as having a higher degree of confidence in the AI’s output.

While the intent is to create fair and unbiased AI models, bias can arise due to a range of factors, including poor data, small training sets, and statistical predictors. These biases can be mitigated by curation of the input data and continual performance updates. We continuously monitor and update our AI systems to ensure they behave as intended and are constantly improving in line with your business goals and ethical considerations.

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AI systems rely on vast quantities of data, and protecting that source data is a priority. A combination of stringent data security measures and encryption best practices protect against data breaches and unauthorised access.

Maintaining a strict data governance policy ensures all data is only stored, processed, or shared with the required individuals. Where possible, AI solutions are isolated from third party data collections, adhering to GDPR, CCPA, and other relevant legislation.

The allocation of once manual tasks to an AI model is a step that requires confidence in the system, and thus trust is a core component in our AI implementations. By committing to continual improvement, secure practices, and an ethical approach, we aim to build and maintain this trust with our clients.

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AI Technologies

A look at the tools and technologies we use to develop solutions for your business.


Industry Applications of AI

Examples of business processes that could benefit from AI integration.

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