XRM Security Audit enables you to easily identify the cause of every permission change in Dynamics 365.


Entity changes

Identify privileges and and depth of affected entitles when a security role is modified


User Info

Quickly identify the person responsible and date of every change


List Events

Get a consolidated list of security events in one place


Power BI

Create a security dashboard and charting with Power BI



Create custom workflow to notify you when someone performs a security action

How it works

When a security event occurs, such as when a user changes business unit or a security role’s privileges are changed, a new security event log is created describing the event

Accessing Security Audit Logs

Within Dynamics 365, go to Settings, Security Audit section and click the Security Event Logs button.

You will see a list of your security event logs, in descending order. 

Each entry shows the date it was created on, name with a quick insight into the event, name of the entity affected along with its ID, and the entity schema name. 

Clicking on any single event will reveal audit information, such as who carried out the change, at what time, and change details.

In the following example, the “Entity Customiser,” Security Role had its privileges changed for the Connection and Category entities. An arrow points from the old value to the new value. Blank space under privileges mean that the privilege wasn’t changed.  

A tooltip on each privilege access level indicates whether it’s an old or a new value.

Users can also tell what each access level means by referring to the legend at the bottom of the page.

Pricing Options



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    Onboarding Support Call

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    Audit Log History limited to 60 days

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    Email Support

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    Unlimited Audit Log History

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    Upgrades and customisation per request

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    Deployment to Production and Sandbox Included

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