AI Services and Systems

At XRM we offer a range of services designed to enhance your business and create new opportunities. Whether you’re looking to enable new functionality, aid everyday interactions, or entirely automate your business processes, we can tailor our software to fit your needs.



AI Consulting

Helping businesses understand and implement AI in a way that suits their needs and capabilities. This might involve exploration of emerging technology, feasibility studies, and road mapping future AI adoption.


AI Integration

Integrating AI services with existing internal systems, often focusing on the interaction with CRM and Data Management systems. This is aided by our comprehensive knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics and the Power Platform.


Custom AI Solutions

Most implementations require more than out of the box solutions. We strive to meet the unique needs of businesses, tailoring our approach to their specific context and involving any combination of AI services.


Natural Language Processing (NLP) Services

Providing solutions that understand, interpret, and generate human language. This could include sentiment analysis, chatbots, text classification, and language translation.


Computer Vision Services

Developing systems that can interpret and understand visual data. This can range from batch scanning of files for image classification and optical character recognition (OCR) to real-time analysis for object detection and facial recognition.


Data Science and Analytics

Taking unstructured and structured data and producing actionable insights using various AI techniques. This involves data cleansing, data mining, and data visualizations.


Machine Learning Services

Building, deploying, and maintaining machine learning models to help businesses make data-driven decisions. This often involves working with a training set of data or existing documentation in order to develop an integrated model. This will often overlap with analytics when data need to be adapted and structured for predictive analytics, recommendation systems, and anomaly detection, among other applications.


AI-Driven Automation

AI tools can be used to automating routine processes across domains, bringing improvements to the accuracy of repetitive manual tasks and reducing costs.


AI Training and Support

Empowering clients with the knowledge and skills to use AI tools effectively, and providing ongoing support for AI solutions.


AI Ethics and Compliance

Advising on ethical considerations such as fairness analysis and privacy-preservation, alongside providing guidance on emerging AI-related laws and standards.

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AI Technologies

A look at the tools and technologies we use to develop solutions for your business.

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