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Struggling with shared mailbox and records management?

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Case Management enhances business processes, improves records management & boosts overall operational efficiency.

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Built for businesses of all sizes

From SMEs to large organisations, our flexible and cost effective software enables businesses to replace their outdated email and spreadsheet systems with a robust case management solution that’s built on Microsoft 365.

One system, so many benefits…

Case Management enables businesses to simplify, streamline and secure their business processes:

Automated Case Creation:

Automatically create a case and contact for every email that lands in your shared mailbox

AI-Powered Efficiency:

Extract details from signatures, predict case categories and more, quickly and easily

Smart Workflow Management:

Respond directly from the system, using intelligent tracking tokens, and make sure all replies are tracked and efficiently managed

Built-in Business Process Flows:

Every case comes with a business process flow to guide users for greater consistency and quality

Templates and Task Management:

Use the template feature to easily create detailed emails and tasks. Keep track of tasks with our activities and dashboards

SharePoint Integration:

Collaborate on documents with integrated SharePoint functionality

Smart Buttons:

Onboard new users quickly with smart buttons that understand the context of the case and suggest specific actions

Performance Dashboards:

Monitor business performance in real-time with built-in dashboards

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Case Management - the benefits

The system automatically converts emails into corresponding case files and creates related contact records, as needed.

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When new contacts are generated automatically from emails, our advanced AI technology meticulously extracts information from the sender’s signature. This includes details, such as job roles and phone numbers, enabling a more comprehensive contact record.

Our automated system not only generates cases from emails, but also ensures effective follow-ups take place through the use of tracking tokens. Essentially, all correspondence is filed automatically. This efficient system works exceptionally well with shared mailboxes, promoting collaborative work on cases by teams rather than individuals. Ultimately, all tasks are appropriately handled, creating a more cohesive working environment in the process.

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Know who is responsible for the next action, be it an individual colleague, entire team or your client. The moment a new email is received, the case status intuitively switches to ‘new message’ and lets you know action is required.

If you’re waiting for a response and need to follow-up, our system’s actionable dates are designed to help. By using this feature, cases automatically surface within your ‘action required’ list and remain at the forefront of your mind.

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Transform your workflow with our intelligent, AI-driven case categorisation. Seamlessly integrate with OpenAI or Azure’s OpenAI platforms, leveraging their capabilities to set default fields and extract crucial information.

Discover the precision of AI in managing case data. From extraction to categorisation, and even generating default text summaries – optimising your workflow has never been easier.

Whenever a case category is updated, the system automatically modifies the corresponding business process flow. This feature ensures the maintenance of a consistent process, promoting both efficiency and standardisation across operations.

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Case categories can be aligned with specific business process flows, providing structure and direction for your operations. Each business process flow encompasses multiple stages, each with its own set of fields that create more uniform processes organisation-wide. What’s more, each stage can be equipped with workflow automation to further streamline operations, such as task creation, email distribution or integration with other systems. This holistic approach guarantees a seamless, efficient and consistent workflow.

Utilise markup to extract record information and embed data, create lists and create hyperlinks with XRM Tokens, enriching your task and email generation process.

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Engage in confident collaboration with seamless file sharing through SharePoint. Our system offers flexibility and can integrate with various platforms like iManage and more. Just let us know your requirements and we’ll tailor the solution to your needs.

Seamlessly capture all client and operational activities and emails, ensuring that critical data is transparent and accessible to your entire team and management. This fosters effective communication and collaboration across your organisation.

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Tasks and activities can be assigned distinct due dates, and different individuals or teams can be made responsible for their completion. Visualisation tools, such as charts and dashboards, can effectively illustrate workload distribution over varying days and clearly indicate who may be shouldering more work than others. This offers a transparent view of the workflow, helping with equitable work assignment and effective time management.

Approvals are fundamental for maintaining strong governance practices. To cater to your unique approval requirements, we’ve designed a custom activity module. This module not only supports dual-approval scenarios, but also caters to situations requiring four approvals. Moreover, it is adaptable and can be further developed to handle more intricate approval scenarios, ensuring a versatile solution for various business needs.

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Smart buttons are guided by a logic-based framework. Developers can incorporate their own buttons, which respond to changes in data or associated records within the system. This allows you to create an intuitive system that clarifies the next necessary action for any given case process. Consequently, it provides a user-friendly platform that streamlines task management and enhances overall efficiency.

What our clients are saying about Case Management

The XRM case management system has significantly improved our efficiency and effectiveness. We’ve streamlined our records management, enhanced communication and collaboration and maintained a complete history of customer interactions. XRM has made it easy for us to track the status of customer queries and increased our operational efficiency.

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