Software designed to automate your JFSC registry reporting

Our innovative software package has been specifically designed to monitor business activity and generate accurate and compliant JFSC regulatory reporting. JFSC Regulatory Compliance Manager is easy to use and can be integrated quickly and simply into your existing business systems with no clunky add-ons.

We deliver a long-term, automated solution to future-proof your regulatory reporting

Is your business ready?

As of 6 January 2021, new JFSC registry reporting requirements are required for beneficial owners and controllers.

The annual return has been replaced by an annual confirmation statement.

Contact us to find out how our software can ensure you meet this deadline as well as delivering a long-term, automated solution to future-proof your regulatory reporting.

Save time

You will never need to file updates or confirmation statements manually again

Meet deadline

Our support ensures you will meet deadlines and avoid penalties

Reduce risk

Integration with your existing business systems removes the risk of human error and inconsistent data

Comply with JFSC requirements

Our software is always up to date on the latest requirements and will report in accordance with these

Remain accurate

You can quickly and easily validate your reports and ensure each entity is accurate

Report and compare

You will be able to constantly compare data in line of business systems against data held by the JFSC

How does it work?

01 / Get started

  • Software –

    Our dedicated team will manage the software installation, configuration, and connection to the JFSC API.

  • Data transformation –

    We will help you transform data from your business systems to the required format.

  • Training –

    We will quickly train your team to use the new system.

02 / Check your data

  • Step 1 –

    Compare the data in your business systems to ensure there are no discrepancies.

  • Step 2 –

    Compare this with the data held by the JFSC.

  • Step 3 –

    Review any differences, and quickly and simply approve changes.

03 / Manage processes

  1. 1. Track and manage activities across your business
  2. 2. Digitally file confirmation statements and registry updates

04 / Monitor compliance

After your first round of filings, you will have continuous access to a comparison of the data that you’ve submitted to the JFSC. If there are differences, appropriate workflows and tasks can be triggered automatically.

Want to know more?

Read our frequently asked questions for more information

RCM and the Common Reporting Standard (CRS)

Did you know you can also use our RCM software for your annual CRS reporting? In fact, more-and-more companies are using it because it’s an audited and cost effective way of meeting their CRS reporting obligations, which is really quick and easy to use.

Input your information in any form you like and our RCM platform automatically converts it into a CRS-compliant XML file. It also copies data from your last submission, while data can be defaulted from your system, using our integrated option. Transparent. Simple. Fast. The way CRS reporting ought to be and now is, thanks to RCM.

What organisations are saying about our RCM software:

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