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One of the key aspects of our system is that there is no data to input. All the data that is reported is read from your business systems.

We've worked hard to keep things simple and intuitive. We believe the system can be taught with a simple demo or training recording from one of our skilled administrators.

Much of the system is automated and designed to do all the work for you. However, submissions are required to be manually authorised before being sent to the JFSC. We continually compare the JFSC registry data and your existing system’s data to check for differences. We then prompt users to authorise changes to the JFSC Registry. There is no re-entry of data and the automation removes the manual time-consuming tasks.

Our workflow has been simplified and each entity has a list of activities pending. This could be a data error that needs resolving, such as a missing date of birth, or submission that needs to be authorised such as a share structure change. As part of our integration, every entity has a user or team from your business who is prompted to perform the necessary actions so you can assign tasks to organisation and manage sign off. There is also a secure audit trail.

We are a software development firm and happy to facilitate customisations to make our solution work best for you. We value feedback because it is helpful to know how to improve the system for all of our clients.

We have a skilled team of developers and database administrators that can easily assist you with setting up and implementing our system for you.

MyRegistry requires manual re-keying of data which is time-consuming and increases the risk of error. Our JFSC Regulatory Compliance Management software will allow you to:

  • Reduce as much human input and errors as possible (especially for processes that happen frequently, such as reporting any changes to your entity structures significant persons to the JFSC within 21 days of change)
  • Quickly recognise if there's a difference between what is in your database and the registry database.
  • Save time and money

We have dashboards that clearly show the status and deadlines of all entities in charts and list. This visualisation helps a compliance manager identify when your business is about to breach the 21 day reporting period for the Financial Services (Disclosure of Provision of Information) (Jersey) Law 2020. Our dashboard will even highlight the number of authorisations outstanding by user or team which gives visibility to possible resourcing issues that could lead to a breach. The system has the tools to identify any bottlenecks early so that you can mitigate this risk.

Our system is designed to work with multiple data sources. It provides an overarching view of your data (regardless of where it sits).

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