Visualise relationships between entities quickly and easily


Connection Explorer allows you to take connections between records and put them in a clear, easily-read tree. This makes it easier and more efficient to work.

How it works

Easily identify connections between records

Visualise Connections as a structure chart

Quickly navigate between records

Access record details within a tree

Connection Explorer – in action

Understand company structures

Connection Explorer provides an easy-to-read data visualisation of connections between records within Microsoft Dynamics 365, making it easier for you to navigate these structures.

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Streamlined format

Connection Explorer takes the connections you’ve set up between records and automatically pulls them into a streamlined format.

Installing Connection Explorer

There's a few steps involved in getting Connection Explorer setup in your environment. Click the AppSource link to learn how to install Connection Explorer or go straight to setting up Connection Explorer in your form
Installing from AppSource
Adding Connection Explorer to your forms


Start up / Small Business

£ Free

Understand company ownership structures with ease, for Free!

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    48-hour Support by email


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    Standard upgrades

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    Deployment to Production and Sandbox included

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    Visualise Top 5 connections

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    Download from AppSource

Download Now
(Reccomended) Medium Business

£ 100

per month (100 users max)

Low monthly re-occurring fee. All features of Connection Explorer Start Up / Small Business package plus:

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    Up to four 1 hour onboarding calls

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    Support by video

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    Premium upgrades

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    1-day custom configuration

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    Visualise UNLIMITED connections


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    Deployable to one environment

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    Custom Installation

Contact us about our Monthly plan

£ 11,999

One time payment

No re-occurring fees. All features of Connection Explorer Medium Business package plus:

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    24-hour email support + Onsite visit*

    *Onsite visit to offices in Jersey only. Expenses apply for overseas requests

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    Source code for use on the firms Microsoft Dynamics 365

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    Deployable to UNLIMITED environments

Contact us about our one time Unlimited Purchase

Why choose us?

We specialise in providing RegTech solutions to financial services companies that seamlessly integrate within their Microsoft Dynamics 365 platforms for more efficient, cost-effective results.

Connection Explorer is just one of a number of industry-leading regulatory compliance technologies we work with. Complete the short form and we’ll be in touch to discuss how Connection Explorer can help you save valuable time.

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