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Whether it’s automating manual processes or getting better access to data, companies that engage us for software development projects improve their responsiveness, compliance, and efficiency.

We’re a strategic software development company that designs and builds modern business applications. Whether cloud, on premises, or hybrid, we partner with forward thinking organisations to build, customise, and support modern business software.


1. Clarify the complex

We understand your challenges and develop a robust set of requirements.


2. Build for the future

We design systems that are great for today and scale for the future.


3. Maximise value

Get the most value from your technology with ongoing support and training.

Make complex projects simple with support through the whole software lifecycle.

Software Consultancy

Dedicated focus on getting the most from your existing technology and finding new ways to improve business processes.

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Software Development

Get support for your existing software, or design and build new solutions.

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We often see common sets of challenges. We build solutions to solve these problems then make them available to everyone.

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“The rapid implementation was pain-free and the new Microsoft Dynamics systems has exceeded our expectations.”

– Fiona MacKinnon-Fox, Global Operations Centre, Hawksford

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Private ChatGPT: 4 reasons to use it

The emergence of AI presents many opportunities to work more effectively and effectively, but there are also concerns relating to keeping information confidential within chatbot interactions. Here at XRM, we...

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Simplify regulatory compliance with the AML Handbook Chatbot

In our previous blog post, we introduced the document search chatbot as a game-changing tool. Today, we’re delving into a specific use case—the AML Handbook. Aimed at simplifying Anti-Money Laundering...

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Leveraging ChatGPT & AI to automate SVG icon generation for Dataverse

An overlooked, but important aspect of customising Dataverse tables and Dynamics 365 instances, is the icons that are involved. While the use of icons isn’t essential, not incorporating them creates...

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