The emergence of AI presents many opportunities to work more effectively and effectively, but there are also concerns relating to keeping information confidential within chatbot interactions.

Here at XRM, we prioritise your data security. We understand these challenges and concerns, so much so, we’ve developed a pioneering solution, Private ChatGPT, that’s specifically designed to enable businesses to benefit from AI assistance without compromising their data security.

What is Private ChatGPT?

It’s a chatbot that’s made up of a combination of the best of OpenAI’s conversational models, GPT-4, and the security of Azure’s Cognitive Services. By leveraging the advantages of the innovative large language model and the security of an isolated instance, our solution gives you full control over your data and keeps your confidential data safely within your internal systems.

Effortless and protected interaction

Enjoy the convenience of ChatGPT’s WebUI through your browser, providing an easy and interactive experience. You can rely on our secure ChatGPT-powered chatbot to maintain a rich history of conversations and contexts while preserving data integrity.

Enhanced data security and integration

Our solution leverages Azure Cognitive Services, offering enhanced data security within the Microsoft Tenant. By hosting the chatbot on Azure, we make sure your proprietary and sensitive information remains secure and cannot be used or referenced as training data for other AI models. Azure manages the security of the site itself, allowing only your internal users to access it. This seamless integration ensures a smooth implementation and minimal disruption to your operations, providing a secure and uninterrupted user experience.

Document intelligence and compliance

Private ChatGPT excels at extracting insights from documents, particularly legal documents, enabling accurate answers and valuable information retrieval. This enhances document management and facilitates faster decision-making processes. Rest assured, our chatbot maintains compliance by securely handling sensitive data and meeting industry-specific regulations without compromising efficiency or security.

Customisable, scalable competitive advantage

Our ChatGPT-powered chatbot offers high customisation to suit your specific requirements. Whether for customer support, knowledge base management, or other use cases, we tailor the solution to meet your unique needs. Furthermore, it effortlessly scales as your business grows, providing you with a competitive advantage within your market.


Thanks to our industry-leading Azure and ChatGPT-powered chatbot, your business can leverage the benefits of the latest game-changing technological innovations and maintain your data security.

Elevate your conversations with our secure and intelligent ChatGPT-powered chatbot on Azure. Experience the benefits of AI without compromising data security. Contact us today to learn more.

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Isaac Hart

Written By: Isaac Hart

Isaac has demonstrated his aptitude in managing small teams and leading projects in the AI technology sector. He understands the critical role of detailed planning in project success. His strong technical skills are evident in his proficiency with coding and software design, particularly in AI-centric languages such as Python, R, and C++. His emerging leadership, combined with his robust understanding of AI implementation in software solutions, positions him as a promising figure in the field.

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