A day in the life of…XRM founder and director, Simon

In this instalment, we speak to Simon Jackson, founder and director of XRM. He used to programme computers as a teenager and says he was always destined to work in software development.

Q. What time do you start work?

It can vary, but most days, it’s between 8am and 8.30am.

Q. What’s the first task you focus on?

Planning my day while looking at my calendar and prioritising my tasks. This is then followed by the team stand-up meeting, which we hold first thing every morning.

Q. During a typical day, what takes up most of your time?

Emails, even with the adoption of useful tools, such as ChatGPT.

Q. How many hours a week do you work?

Around 50, but I still manage to prioritise family and downtime.

Q. What do you enjoy the most about your work?

Providing solutions for clients and mentoring team members.

Q. Which tools/systems couldn’t you be without and why?

I couldn’t be without a web browser and, more specifically, ChatGPT, Azure, DevOps, Visual Studio, XRM Toolbox, and spell checker for everything!

Q. What are you currently working on?

A series of tenders. We’re also in the process of taking several new software products to market, which is incredibly exciting.

Q. How often do you take a break?

I take breaks in the form of lunches with clients and friends. We’re on the weighbridge by the Pétanque Terrain, which is an ideal location when it’s sunny.

Q. How much of your time is spent working on your team vs. delivering work?

At the moment, I’m focused on delivery, but like the weather, things can quickly change!

Q. How do you like to end your day?

I like to end my day by completing some of the more challenging tasks that are on my ‘to do’ list. It enables me to get a head start on the following day.

Q. Where do you see you/XRM in ten years’ time?

I see myself working fewer hours in a semi-retired role.

Q. What are your predictions in relation to the future of workplace software?

The future of workplace software will involve the integration of AI agents into business process applications, where humans initially validate decisions as the next step.

Q. Who in the business world most inspires you and why?

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, inspires me the most due to his vision and leadership in transforming Microsoft’s success and embracing new technologies (e.g. Cloud, Open Source and AI). Elon Musk is way up there too.

About Simon’s career path

Q. How did you become a business solutions consultant/get into the field of software consultancy?

I programmed computers when I was a teenager and always knew I’d end up in a software job. I joined the software development department at Itex in the late 90s and have been in consultancy ever since.

Q. What qualifications do you have?

I have several Microsoft technologies qualifications, as well as TOGAF, which is used to develop and maintain enterprise architecture. I also have CMI (management and leadership) qualifications, and completed an OU Computer Science diploma, which I achieved during those earlier days working at Itex.

Q. Do you invest in your own Continued Professional Development (CPD)? If so, which further training have you completed/are completing/intend to complete?

The world is ever changing and technology is changing at a faster pace. We see CPD as being a fundamental part of our work, that’s why I make sure we all attend Microsoft conferences, as well as our weekly company lunch and learn sessions. There’s also the fact we’re continuously conducting ongoing research to make sure our solutions leverage the latest technology and best practices.

We hope you’ve found this blog interesting. For further insight about who we are and our capabilities, take a look at: https://www.xrm.je/why-xrm/

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Fernando Perrone

Written By: Fernando Perrone

Fernando studied web design at degree level in Argentina and honed his skills in JavaScript coding. An excellent communicator and proven team player, he brings a wealth of expertise to the table. He is certified as a Microsoft Power Platform Functional Consultant and a Microsoft Power Platform Developer, demonstrating his proficiency in developing robust and efficient solutions on Microsoft's Power Platform. Further enhancing his credentials, Fernando also holds the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals (CRM) certification, showcasing his understanding of the features and capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365's suite of applications. His certifications are a testament to his commitment to continuous learning and excellence in his field.

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