A day in the life of…our project co-ordinator, Laura

Laura Argentina-Manea joined us last summer. Since then, she’s been an invaluable support, making sure projects progress smoothly and effectively acting as a bridge between our team and clients. 

Keep reading for a behind-the-scenes glimpse at exactly what Laura’s work involves, including what she’s currently working on and her biggest career achievement to date. 

Q. What does your work involve? 

As a project co-ordinator, I’m responsible for bridging the communications gap between our clients and team of developers. My role involves understanding clients’ needs, articulating them to our development team, engaging in thorough Q&A systems testing, helping clients with training and producing comprehensive training documents. 

Q. Which projects do you most enjoy working on and why? 

I get immense satisfaction from testing systems because it enables me to make sure we are meticulously addressing and meeting our clients’ diverse needs. 

Q. What are you currently working on? 

I’m currently helping a client use the Microsoft Dynamics platform as a robust compliance onboarding tool. 

Q. Have you always worked in project management? 

While my primary focus has always been project management, my career journey includes program management, business analysis and IT administrative support roles. I’ve always been involved with supporting sales and marketing teams and working with internal channel managers, marketing managers and resellers. 

Q. What was the last work-related challenge you had to tackle and how did you tackle it? 

My most recent challenge involved conducting client training while looking after my daughter, who had a fever. Thanks to the unwavering support of my colleagues, we successfully delivered the training, which showcased the strength of our team work! 

Q. What’s your biggest career achievement to date and why?

In my previous role, I successfully introduced a deal registration program to resellers in the WER, SER and Middle East regions, reducing partner conflicts by an impressive 90%.

Q. Describe working at XRM in one word 


To ‘meet’ and learn more about the XRM team: https://www.xrm.je/why-xrm/

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Fernando Perrone

Written By: Fernando Perrone

Fernando studied web design at degree level in Argentina and honed his skills in JavaScript coding. An excellent communicator and proven team player, he brings a wealth of expertise to the table. He is certified as a Microsoft Power Platform Functional Consultant and a Microsoft Power Platform Developer, demonstrating his proficiency in developing robust and efficient solutions on Microsoft's Power Platform. Further enhancing his credentials, Fernando also holds the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals (CRM) certification, showcasing his understanding of the features and capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365's suite of applications. His certifications are a testament to his commitment to continuous learning and excellence in his field.

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