Company expansion inevitably involves growing teams and increased activity levels. It can also impact existing communications channels, hampering internal and external interactions and putting additional stress on managers in the process.

Over time, communications bottlenecks often develop that can lead to errors and inefficient ways of working, among many other things.

This is precisely what happened to one of our clients. But thanks to our help, more specifically our XRM Case Management system, we enabled them to unblock their bottleneck and future-proof their communications processes.

Our client

A rapidly-growing company founded in Jersey by a group of visionary directors. As the business flourished, the need to expand the team became evident, leading to numerous new staff members being appointed.

As is the case for many businesses, the company’s client-facing directors were at the centre of client communications. They were the pivotal point through which all emails and communications flowed between staff and clients.

The challenge

While a centralised approach may function effectively in the initial stages, challenges arise as businesses expand. Manually-delegating responsibilities can inadvertently create a significant bottleneck. This often results in client directors becoming overly involved in client communications; a task their team should ideally handle.

Consequently, client directors find themselves preoccupied with communications and task delegation, diverting their attention from business growth. Relying on email for delegation is not only time-consuming, but can introduce errors and lead to inefficiencies. Such manual processes can also adversely impact overall client satisfaction.

The solution

We implemented our XRM Case Management system, which is specifically designed to make client communications more efficient and streamlined through:

  • Automated case creation – shared mailbox messages are automatically converted into cases, creating a streamlined process that eliminates manual handling
  • AI-powered efficiency – intelligent features, such as extracting details from signatures, make it quick and easy to manage information
  • Smart workflow management – all replies are tracked and efficiently managed, avoiding any confusion created by scattered email threads
  • Integrated business process flows – each case is equipped with a business process flow, ensuring users maintain consistency and quality when managing client communications. These flows can be customised to align with distinct business procedures
  • Transparent collaboration – all client and operational activities are seamlessly captured, making critical data accessible to the entire team
  • Visual workload distribution – charts and dashboards illustrate workload distribution for more effective time management
  • Intuitive task management – smart buttons and logic-based frameworks create an intuitive system that simplifies task management and clarifies next steps.

The result

By adopting XRM Case Management, the company’s client-facing directors now have a transparent perspective on how work is being progressed at all levels.

The bottleneck has been eliminated, communications are more streamlined and the entire team collaborates more effectively. The need for the directors to micromanage work and communications has substantially decreased, allowing them to act more as facilitators. This shift has also led to a marked enhancement in both client satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Have you got a comms bottleneck that needs eliminating? We can help, get in touch with us today.

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Sanina Kaur

Written By: Sanina Kaur

A former journalist and marketing professional for more than 20 years, Sanina develops and executes digital marketing campaigns that deliver and add value. Quick-thinking and results-focused, she’s continuously tapping into her extensive journalism, PR/digital agency and corporate comms experience to make sure we stand out from the crowd.

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