When our supplier let us down we were left in a situation where we had to meet a tight deadline with very serious penalties for non-compliance.  XRM Architects stepped in at very short notice, with little knowledge of the project, and took complete control of the situation.  They worked tirelessly to extract and deliver the data to the regulators and went the extra mile to ensure that everything was completed in time.

Clive Le Marquand, Partner

The Project

PKF BBA is part of an International global network of legally independent firms which specialise in providing high-quality audit, accounting, tax, company secretarial and business advisory services.

PFK BBA was under pressure to submit a large volume of data to a regulatory body when their original supplier unable to deliver a solution to submit the data.

With a month to meet the deadline – with the potential enforcement of a custodial sentence – PKF BBA needed someone to step in and enable them to manage the data transfer in a time critical manner.

The Challenge

PFK BBA handles a large amount of customer data on an ongoing basis.

Under regulatory guidelines, the firm of Chartered Accountants was required to retrieve specific data from their systems and submit it in a predefined format within a tight deadline.

When their incumbent technology partner for the project was unable to deliver a complete solution. PFK BBA was left with a large amount of raw data to be provided to the regulator with an imminent deadline.

The Solution

PFK BBA sought out a new partner to help with data formatting and deliver the required data to the regulator and selected local specialist XRM Architects due to their proven track record in helping firms meet regulatory reporting challenges.

Despite the significant time pressures and the completely unknown data source, the team at XRM Architects committed the resources needed to ensure that the client data was prepared ready for validation by PFK BBA and then delivered in a timely manner – working where and when necessary to do whatever it took to complete the project.

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